Exploring Dublin’s Religious Sites: Best Temples and Cathedrals to Visit

Dublin is a thriving and modern city, but a look around its historic neighborhoods reminds you that there’s far more to the city than new favorites. Dublin’s religious sights are no exception – from catholic cathedrals to Buddhist temples, the city has sites of significance for a variety of religions.

This guide will look at the top places of worship and spiritual landmarks for visitors to Dublin. From Christian churches to stunning shrines, read on to discover the best religious sites in Dublin.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

One of Ireland’s most famous churches and a world-renowned landmark, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is an essential visit for religious travelers to Dublin. As the National Cathedral of the Church of Ireland, the building has been around since 1191, and its spectacular spire still dominates the city skyline. St. Patrick’s is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike, with services held throughout the week1.

Christ Church Cathedral

Home to one of Ireland’s oldest surviving medieval crypts, Christ Church Cathedral stands in the heart of the city. As the older of Dublin’s two cathedrals, Christ Church is as eye-catching as it is historical. Its beautiful windows and architecture make it a site steeped in symbolism, and visitors are always in awe of the cathedral2.

Buddhist Center

For visitors hoping to experience some Eastern influences, Dublin’s Buddhist Center is an ideal choice. The center is home to four different Buddhist groups, offering teachings, meditation sessions and workshops3. Guests are invited to join in the peaceful atmosphere, or perhaps explore the center’s beautiful grounds.

Fade Street Social Chapel

Fade Street Social was established in 2009, and is now home to the chapel and a range of spiritual activities4. Alongside services, the chapel runs mindfulness classes, talks on spiritual development and other activities for guests to enjoy. Although it’s no longer a working Catholic chapel, its features – such as its steeple and cross – are retained for its spiritual presence in Dublin.

Holy Cross Church

Situated in the north of the city, Holy Cross Church is well-known for its spectacular mosaics and greenspaces. The church stands in the same area as many of Dublin’s national monuments and is seen as a unique blend of Irish and Italian architecture5. With colorful stained glass windows and ornate ceilings, this is a truly impressive religious site.


No stay in Dublin is complete without exploring the city’s religious sites. From grand cathedrals to unique spiritual centers, visitors to Dublin can experience a range of religious cultures and beliefs.

There’s something for everyone in the city’s holy sites, whether you’re looking to explore centuries of history or experience some Eastern influences. If you want to learn about Dublin’s spiritual side, St. Patrick’s and Christ Church Cathedral are bagsn churches to start with. The Fade Street Social Chapel and Buddhist Centre are great places to visit for spiritual development, while Holy Cross church is a must-see for its stunning mosaics and architecture.

No matter where you choose to explore, the city’s religious sights are a wonderful introduction to the city of Dublin, and to Ireland as a whole.


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