Discover Dublin’s Best Street Art and Murals: An Insider’s Guide

The streets of Dublin are lined with beautiful works of art. From traditional Irish graffiti to colorful murals, the city’s art scene is alive and vibrant. But what is the best art in Dublin? Where can you find amazing street art and murals? Let’s explore the best of Dublin’s street art and murals with this insider’s guide!

The Best Areas to Find Dublin’s Street Art and Murals

If you are looking to discover Dublin’s best street art and murals, first you need to know where to find it. Here are a few hotspots where you can uncover the city’s best art:

  • Temple Bar
  • North Strand
  • Smithfield
  • Stoneybatter
  • Grafton Street
  • Ringsend

Each of these areas has an array of incredible street art and murals. So let’s explore them one by one.

Temple Bar

The Temple Bar area is known for its diverse and ever-changing street art. Colorful wall art, large murals, and traditional Irish graffiti are all found in abundance here. Visit Cow’s Lane, a pedestrian street filled with street art, or explore some of the area’s hidden alleys and courtyards to discover unique wall paintings and stunning artwork.

North Strand

The North Strand area is full of traditional Irish street art. From classic wall murals to political graffiti, you can find it all here. Upper Dorset Street is known for its vivid wall paintings and often hosts live performances. Head over to Summer Street, where you can find a captivating mural by artist Aliyah Marie, often referred to as the “Mermaid of South Dublin”.


Smithfield is one of Dublin’s most creative neighborhoods and is known for its abundance of street art. This is the home of the Dublin Mural Project, and here you can find some of the city’s most stunning and intricate murals. Meath Street is a great place to explore, where you can find numerous vivid and colorful designs.


This trendy and thriving inner-city district is rapidly becoming an artistic hub. Here, street art and murals are abundant. Visit Manor Street to discover some of the finest artwork of all kinds. You can also find plenty of unique wall art and graffiti off the beaten path, tucked away in the area’s cozy side streets.

Grafton Street

Grafton Street might not be the most obvious place to look for street art, but it does offer some great finds. Wander down South Anne Street, known for its abundance of art, or explore some of the lesser-known back alleys and hidden nooks to uncover some of the city’s amazing artwork.


The Ringsend neighborhood is known for its traditional Irish street art. Here you can find captivating wall art and classic graffiti scattered around the area. Be sure to visit Old Poolbeg Street , which is home to some of Dublin’s most iconic wall pieces. You can also find some great art on South Lotts Avenue and in neighboring Ringsend Park.

The Best Time to Visit Dublin’s Street Art and Murals

Dublin’s street art scene is ever-changing, so there is no right or wrong time to go exploring. However, the best time to visit is during the summer months of June, July and August. During the summer the city is typically filled with life and the streets are often home to some of the most captivating and creative works of art.

Wrapping Up

Dublin has become an artistic hub for international street art and murals. With these insider tips, you can explore the city’s best artworks and uncover its vibrant and ever-changing street art scene. So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and get exploring!

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